Hi! My name's Adrian.

I write things. I'm skilled both in writing and editing content in English and Polish.

Wanna know if I should be your choice for the next project? Keep scrolling.

Hi! My name's Adrian.

Jestem człowiekiem pióra, biegłym tak w pisaniu, jak i w redakcji tekstów o różnorodnym przeznaczeniu.

Chcesz dowiedzieć się, czy to ja będę dla Ciebie odpowiednim wyborem? Scrolluj dalej.

My working standards

There are a few guidelines that I keep in mind when working on any given piece of text. Those written by me must be characterized by:


I divide short portions of text with graphic materials and headings to facilitate reading.


Although I'm not fond of long-winded narration, I have nothing against long forms. But there's one rule: no beating about the bush.


I write in simple, comprehensible language. Expert articles are the obvious exception to this rule.

The real value of a well-written post is not only the content itself but also its eye-catching, minimalistic form. Therefore, my most important rule of thumb when writing and editing is:

less means more.

About me

Things I do daily and am interested in:


Researching, writing, and editing a text, with an initial specification of the subject, keywords, and deadline for the finished work.

Web writing

And mobile web writing. The process of shaping content into a form that is easier to read on computers and mobile devices.

Content Marketing

A sales strategy that relies on creating valuable and intelligible content for an online presence.


Editing written content created by someone else without a single interference to the intended message of the given piece.


Crafting a tale. Either for a sales purpose or for the sake of telling a decent story.


All kinds of doings leading to a higher rank on Google's Search Engine Result Page for a given key phrase.


From Polish (native speaker) to English (C2) and the other way round. Always accurate, never translated word for word.

Copy for website

All kinds of written content, from product and service descriptions to category descriptions to blog posts.

Social Media

Communication through social media outlets. Always with consideration about the desired target audience and its specifics.

Sample blog post in numbers:

Character count
Word count
Photos or graphics
Uses of keyword phrase

Stała współpraca czy pojedyncze zlecenie?

Preferuję pierwszą z wymienionych opcji, ale nie stronię od drugiej.

Lubię projekty, przy których nie mam wyznaczonej daty ich wygaśnięcia. Najbardziej pasuje mi pisanie tekstów dla serwisów internetowych, z zachowaniem własnego, wypracowanego przez lata stylu komunikacji z czytelnikiem (jeśli chcesz zobaczyć jego próbkę, odpal dowolny wpis opublikowany na podpiętym do tej strony blogu).

Ale jeśli szukasz kogoś, kto wykona dla Ciebie pojedynczy projekt, na przykład tekst do scenariusza, copy na stronę www lub landing page, albo po prostu napisze określoną liczbę postów na bloga – mogę być Twoim człowiekiem.


Tu mam luksus pisania o tym, co lubię, tak jak lubię.

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Last projects

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Opinion section

Adrian's a penman, versatile copywriter, and SEO specialist. He writes on any topic, particularly gifted in short text forms for social media. Even better in blog articles. Gaming industry enthusiast, marketing web writer, master of planning. I would recommend his services to everyone – we have collaborated on several projects, and the result has always been great!
Alan Gajewski
Adrian is a fantastic and reliable copywriter. Substantially perfect and imaginative texts are his trademark. He is also a creative marketer who is a mine of ideas, especially when it comes to Social Media Marketing. In his daily work, Adrian is very well organized. His diligence and promptness are the features that make working with him a pleasure.
Kaja Chmielewska
(...) Copywriter to dziś określenie, które - niestety - niektórym może kojarzyć się z "klepaczem" tekstów do internetu. W przypadku Adriana do czynienia mamy raczej z w pełni profesjonalnym copywriterem z wyższej półki, a osobiście powiedziałbym nawet, że z kompetentnym marketerem, który po prostu specjalizuje się w komunikacji pisanej.
Karol Pięknik
Galeria Podarunkowa
Adrian handles the final proofreading of our materials. He skillfully edits texts without interfering with the subject matter and style. In addition to a professional approach to the client, diligence, and regularity, he's a very likable person, which makes our cooperation extremely satisfying and pleasant.
Pamela Kalka
Sopocka Grupa Innowacyjnego Rozwoju
Incredibly swift and accurate service. High-quality pieces of text, quick assimilation of new knowledge. I recommend it to anyone looking for written content for the website.
Piotr Jarczewski
Adrian has an excellent, well-developed style. Accurate, critical, and self-demanding. We had the opportunity to run the Polish website of the Bayer Leverkusen football club together, and I've always been impressed with his creativity and numerous ideas. I believe that what he's currently doing gives him great pleasure and drives him positively.