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Lauda Central Europe is the largest distributor of musical instruments and audio equipment in Central Europe. My main task as a copywriter was to create all kinds of written content to support the sales department. I also actively participated in the company's rebranding and dynamic opening to foreign markets.

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The audio industry speaks in its own specific language. From day one, I had to familiarize myself with this new terminology.

Creating content for sales partners also required ditching the writing style of typical B2C marketing efforts I was previously accustomed to. Instead, I had to use the language of technicalities revolving around the product specifications.

Although it sounds like I had to overcome quite an obstacle, the adjustment was seamless. In my first week of work, I met the challenge of creating three separate reviews of a DJ controller in two days. Needless to say, I haven't had the slightest experience with similar equipment before. Well, after that, no further task seemed particularly difficult anymore.

I created content not only for Lauda Central Europe. I've also written for numerous sub-brands, such as Lauda Audio (the previous, strictly Polish-language incarnation of the company, on the market since 1999), Lauda Instalacje (a division dealing with the installation of sound systems), or RnR (an e-commerce store operating in the B2C segment).

Plus a whole range of landing pages and Polish websites of brands for which LCE is the distributor in Poland. As well as press releases published on the most significant Polish websites dedicated to music.

Moving to the things I didn't do... I was not responsible for creating content for social media channels. And for the visual part of the publications. This time, I delivered only pure text.


Content for landing pages, e-mails, press releases, product descriptions, news, blog posts, music equipment reviews, translation of manuals... While working on the conversion from Lauda Audio to Lauda Central Europe, I definitely did not suffer from a lack of activities.

I gained a lot of new experience, which allowed me to enrich my own craft. I also had the opportunity to work with big brands, real industry giants. Which, I can't deny, definitely had its allure and made my time at LCE very exciting.

Well, makes it further, as I'm still working on this project.

LCE's official website:

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Lauda Central Europe


October 2021 – present

sample works

One of the three mentioned DJ gear reviews about the Denon LC6000 Prime controller. Published on Clicking on the screen will take you to the text.

A sample landing page made by another team member with my written content. Clicking on the screen will take you to the text.

Below is an example of the e-mail content informing about the distribution of Martin strings - addressed to foreign partners.

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