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MyClover is a jewelry workshop from Gdańsk specializing in the production of silver and gold jewelry. It is also an e-commerce venture that offers mentioned jewelry to customers with a personalization service through laser engraving.

About cooperation

I crafted the default structure of the product description in the e-store. Working for myClover, I've written over a hundred product descriptions.

In this case, it was hardly any challenge at all. During the execution of my assignment, I did not encounter any obstacles that were difficult for me to deal with.

Our cooperation can be considered continuous. On the other hand, it's always been based on single orders, consisting of a specific number of descriptions to write.

I must also praise our communication: enormously efficient and transparent, it significantly facilitated the execution of individual orders.

Above all, feedback sent by the store crew was always specific, which proved to be immensely helpful with the work on the final drafts of the text.


Although jewelry is a kind of exotic thing for me, it turned out to be no problem. Mainly because I was always able to reach out to store employees for advice when in doubt.

But there's something more to that. Until now, it has often turned out that industries unknown to me and at first glance not suiting me to a minimum degree... They happened to bring pleasant and developing challenges, the effects of which were satisfying to both parties. It was no different this time.

Link to the store:

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November 2020 – present

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