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Sopocka Grupa Innowacyjnego Rozwoju – editor

Sopocka Grupa Innowacyjnego Rozwoju (The Sopot Innovative Development Group) is an agency specializing "in the implementation of systemic training and consulting projects in the area of management and sales" (quote from the company's web page). SGIR puts an intense emphasis on content marketing, creating numerous guides about business and management. My role? Work on the finished text, which comes down to applying corrections with care for the impeccable Polish language.

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It's not easy to step out of a copywriter's role and do editorial work… Okay, that's not exactly true. It really didn't turn out to be any difficulty, as I like to rummage in texts and correct them again and again. I may even be tempted to say that in this case, my task was more effortless – it is much more convenient for me to edit a piece written by someone else.

When writing, one rarely tries to ensure that his texts are 100% characterized by the quality of language over which professors of Polish philology could nod their heads with appreciation. I care much more for my copy to fulfill its task and add value to the set goal than to be linguistically perfect. This time, however, I had to refresh some purely theoretical grammar rules. Every day is a school day, but it's important not to learn from scratch. With a solid foundation from years of writing practice, I smoothly took on the role of editor.

It would seem that the necessity to refrain from significant interference in the text could be a problem... Yet, it wasn't the case. After the first order, I received positive feedback stating that this was what the customer exactly wanted. Namely: to receive a series of minor corrections instead of attempts to develop his thoughts or cutting out entire sentences or paragraphs that I would consider redundant. I can admit with some pride that, after my corrections, the text still retains the characteristic, expert style of the Author.

I must also praise the contact with SGIR: it is professional but definitely far from unnecessary stiffness.


An exceedingly pleasant, continuous order. I was delighted to welcome a refreshing shift from writing. Well, it's not that I prefer to edit another author's text over creating content of my own. However, with a fair amount of writing work to be done... I guess it's a good idea to have some additional orders of other kinds and devote oneself to tasks that use less creative fuel. Therefore, after each order from SGIR, I returned to writing my own things with more eagerness and a reserve of strength.

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Sopocka Grupa Innowacyjnego Rozwoju


September 2020 – present

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