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Uruk – The Last City – Editor

"Uruk" is a strictly limited (to 10 copies) debut comic by Al Goyo. The author turned to me for proofreading and editing of its text. In theory, there's no challenge in such endeavors, right?

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In practice, however, editing someone else's piece proves to be an extremely delicate matter. The editor often feels an itching to add something from himself, and this particular kind of itch isn't that alien to me. Anyway, I obviously gave up my intentions to "add something more" and focused on my proper job.

My task was to convert the already created narration into something written in a simple language and check that everything complied with the rules of grammar, punctuation, etc. There were two quite significant reasons behind the mentioned simplicity. Firstly, the narrative was supposed to be "epic" and thus dominated by short declarative sentences. Secondly, "Uruk" was meant to be sent abroad to various comic book fans who speak their own languages. So I had to resist the urge to "show off" my proficiency in advanced vocabulary. I believe that the intended effect has been achieved.

It was obviously a one-time job, yet a very significant one. Since the author's my friend, and I'm creating another comic with him myself, I really wanted it to work out.

And here we go, "Uruk" stands proudly on my shelf, being the first such release to have my name on it.

For now, as a proofreader and editor. But we all have to start somewhere, right?

I'm immensely pleased that I was able to contribute to the creation of something special and, in a way, elite. After all, the phrase "one out of ten" sounds exceptionally charming.


It was an entertaining and illuminating experience, and I would love to do it again in a while. I've learned that nothing teaches humility and responsibility for words more than working on a text in which a lot of heart has been invested. This is a delicate matter. After all, it's easy to spoil something and distort the original idea. It is always worth having him at hand, so this is why "Uruk" was a great exercise in communication. I think I've passed.


Al Goyo


February 2021

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